Scholarship Policies

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All scholarships have some minimum criteria.  The most common are a minimum GPA and full time credit levels.  Some scholarships require maintenance of a certain major or other unique criteria.  Please read your scholarship offer letter carefully and keep a copy for your records. 

If you have been awarded a scholarship through the Southern Illinois University Academic Scholarship Office, here are some facts you should know.

Enrollment Status
Full–time attendance (12 semester credits or more) is required. If a scholarship recipient chooses not to enroll at SIU in a fall or spring semester during any year of eligibility, he or she will forfeit the remainder of the scholarship award. Scholarship recipients should enroll in 15 semester credits each fall and spring semester in order to be in a position to complete graduation requirements within a four year period. Please note, students who enroll in the SIUE Regional Nursing Program will have their financial aid processed by SIUE.  Institutional aid or scholarships awarded by SIU Carbondale will not transfer to SIU Edwardsville.

Renewal Policy
Students must maintain full–time enrollment and an SIU cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 (4.0 = A) as calculated at the end of the spring semester in order to remain eligible for the scholarship. Each scholarship recipient's GPA is reviewed at the end of each semester in order to track the progress of our scholars. If the scholar's SIU Cumulative GPA falls below a 2.0 at any point, it is the University's policy that all institutional aid be removed immediately, including scholarships. 

Additionally, each of our scholars is expected to abide by the standards set forth by the SIU Student Conduct Code.  Students who violate any of these codes of conduct might risk forfeiting their academic scholarship.  The Academic Scholarship Office reserves the right to withdraw any academic scholarship in the event of student misconduct.

If a student fails to meet the renewal criteria, their scholarship will be revoked. A student does have the opportunity to appeal if he or she experienced special circumstances throughout the year that disabled him or her to function under normal conditions. Appeals must be received by the Academic Scholarship Office by August 1. Each student only has one opportunity to appeal this action. 

Multiple Awards
Students may receive multiple awards as allowed, however, the total amount of federal, state and institutional financial aid, including scholarships, cannot exceed the total SIU cost of attendance budget determined by the Financial Aid Office. Institutional scholarships may be reduced to meet this requirement.

Housing Scholarships
A University Housing contract in a traditional residence hall is required for the scholarship to credit to your SIU account. This scholarship can not be used for Wall & Grand Apartments, Evergreen Terrace, or Elizabeth Street Apartments. For more information about our on-campus housing, please visit our University Housing website at

SIU Reserves the Right to Change an SIU Scholarship
The SIU Academic Scholarship Office sometimes changes the funding source of SIU scholarships which can result in changes to the name of a student’s scholarship when viewed on SalukiNet or other University documents.  Such changes will NOT reduce the amount of a student’s scholarship, and in some cases, may actually result in an increase to a student’s scholarship amount.  Feel free to contact the SIU Academic Scholarship Office if you have any questions or concerns about any changes to your awarded scholarship.

Outside Scholarships
If you are receiving an outside scholarship, it will be processed through SIU’s Financial Aid Office.  When we receive a check for a student from an outside source, we post the amount to the student's financial aid, allowing the student to see the scholarship on their SalukiNet under My Records/Financial Aid.  Sometimes students may need to be notified for further requirements, so please keep your email address and contact information current in order for notifications to reach you.  Funds will be credited to the student account just like institutional scholarship awards.  You may be asked to go to the Financial Aid Office to endorse a check as some are made out to SIU and the student.  Please do this as soon as possible so funds can be processed in a timely manner.  Outside awards are also considered part of a student’s total Financial Aid Package.

Student Athletes Receiving Institutional Academic Scholarships
Student athletes who have been offered an academic scholarship should discuss the award with their coach to determine whether or not the student athlete can accept the award.  Under NCAA rules, student athletes are limited in the amount of institutional aid they can receive.  Institutional aid includes both athletic scholarships AND institutional academic scholarships.

Disbursement of Scholarships
All scholarships are posted to your financial aid award letter and are credited directly to your SIU Statement of Account. If the financial aid that you receive exceeds your University charges, a refund will be processed and a check will be mailed to your local address. To take advantage of the convenient, secure, and reliable option of Direct Deposit, the University encourages students to have their financial aid refunds directly deposited into an account.