Scholarship Terms and Conditions

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All scholarships have some minimum criteria. The most common are a minimum GPA and full time credit levels. Some scholarships require maintenance of a certain major or other unique criteria. Please read your scholarship offer carefully and keep a copy for your records. 

Academic Merit Scholarships are offered to students taking classes on the SIU Carbondale campus. Please see our New Freshman and Transfer Scholarship pages for offer criteria. 

Outside Scholarships
If you are receiving an outside scholarship, it will be processed through SIU’s Financial Aid Office.  When we receive a check for a student from an outside source, we post the amount to the student's financial aid, allowing the student to see the scholarship on their SalukiNet under My Records/Financial Aid. Sometimes students may need to be notified for further requirements, so please keep your email address and contact information current in order for notifications to reach you. Funds will be credited to the student account just like institutional scholarship offers. You may be asked to go to the Financial Aid Office to endorse a check as some are made out to SIU and the student.  Please do this as soon as possible so funds can be processed in a timely manner. Outside offers are also considered part of a student’s total Financial Aid Package.

All scholarships are posted to your financial aid offer letter and are credited directly to your SIU Statement of Account. If the financial aid that you receive exceeds your University charges, a refund will be processed and a check will be mailed to your local address. To take advantage of the convenient, secure, and reliable option of Direct Deposit, the University encourages students to have their financial aid refunds directly deposited into an account.