General Tips

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Here are some helpful tips to help maximize your opportunity to be awarded an academic scholarship from SIU.

  • Apply Early! Several academic scholarships are awarded based on information provided on your admission application. Submit scholarship and admission applications before the deadlines! Even if a student is qualified, submitting an application after the deadline ensures that a student will not receive the award. Be sure to get applications in before time runs out! Apply for admission now!
  • Type Applications! Typed applications look clean, are easier to read than hand-written applications, and spell-check can prevent any writing errors. See Applications (below) for more help with filling out scholarship applications.
  • Take your time to prepare a thorough essay! Most scholarship applications require an essay question to be answered. Take your time while writing the essay questions. The essay question helps the scholarship committee learn more about you and why you should receive the scholarship. See Essays (below) for more help with writing scholarship essay questions.
  • Be Prepared! If the scholarship requires an interview, be prepared to answer a variety of questions and dress appropriately. See Interviews (below) for more help with preparing for scholarship interviews.
  • Write a Thank You Letter! Many scholarships are possible because of the generosity of private donors. Letting donors know how much their scholarship means encourages the continuation of the scholarship program. See Guidelines for Writing Thank You Letters (below) for more help with writing your letter.