Scholarship Awarding Timeline

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  • High school seniors should apply for admission and have qualifying credentials on file with the Undergraduate Admissions Office.
  • Awarding begins for the Dean's Scholarship.
  • The General Scholarship Application opens. The SIU General Scholarship Application is required for both merit-based and college scholarship opportunities.


  • The 2017-18 FAFSA will become available for you to complete online.


  • A completed Application for Undergraduate Admission must be submitted, including all required credentials and documents, by November 1 to be considered for the University Excellence and Chancellor's Scholarships.
  • Awarding begins for the Dean's Transfer Scholarship. Transfer students must be admitted and have an SIU General Scholarship Application submitted prior to any scholarship offer.


  • Incoming freshmen, transfer, and continuing students should be investigating College and Departmental Scholarships available through the General Scholarship Database. The common application period for on campus scholarships is October 1 – February 1.
  • SIU Scholars Program Application is due December 1.  This application must be submitted to be eligible to compete for the University Excellence and Chancellor's Scholarships.


  • You may complete the FAFSA anytime after January 1 for the following academic year.  SIU’s Financial Aid Office will review your eligibility for campus-based aid as soon as possible based on the date of paperwork submission.


  • The deadline to apply for college and departmental scholarships is February 1.
  • The Chancellor's and University Excellence Scholarship Interview Weekend will be held on February 3 & 4, 2017 for those that qualify.



  • Awarding begins for the Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships.


  • Students, who requested an extension until May 1, must notify the Academic Scholarship Office to accept the scholarship.